1. What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism refers to the travel of people to another country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment or surgical services in that country.

2. What is Arimedio?

Arimedio provides you a platform where we connect you to high-quality medical treatments options available in India from internationally accredited hospitals and experienced doctors. We are your medical travel partners and manage everything from the moment you set foot in India to the moment you fly back. We support and help you throughout your medical travel process.

3. Why should I contemplate medical travel?

There are numerous reasons to consider medical travel.

  • You want a better quality of care.
  • You want more treatment options than what are available to you in your home country.
  • You are seeking more affordable options without any compromise on quality.

4. What sort of hospitals and doctors can I find on Arimedio?

You can view the facilities we offer treatments in on Arimedio’s website. Rest assured, all are solutions are personally vetted and all the doctors are highly experienced and well recognized in their respective fields.

5. What information is needed from me to provide me a treatment quote?

You will be asked to provide your personal information, your current medical information, and medical history as well.

6. Will I receive an invoice from Arimedio?

The hospital or doctor Arimedio arranged to have you treated by, will provide you the invoice for the treatment.

7. What is included in the packages that are listed on the Arimedio website?

The prices that are listed on the website are just the estimates. These prices can vary according to your specific case. You can forward us your medical information to provide you with a non-binding personalized quote.

8. Are there any additional services that Arimedio offers?

It is Arimedio’s mission to make your medical travel to India as cozy and convenient as possible. We can arrange translation services, sightseeing, travel planning, visits around town and even flight bookings.

9. What about the follow-up treatment? Do I need to stay longer for that?

When your treatment is completed, you will receive full documentation with post-treatment care in your home country. You can easily get the follow-up care in your country.

10. Do I research the doctors and book appointments myself? Or Arimedio does that for me?

We have got you covered in that regard. We will book all the appointments in advance. You won’t have to wait or book appointments yourself; your doctors and pharmacy visits will be pre-scheduled.

11. Can I explore and travel around in India while I am here?

Indeed, but we will need the approval from your doctor. If you are good to travel, we will plan a stroll around town and trips to tourist attractions for you. India is one of the most colorful countries in the World and we are sure you will enjoy your time here.

12. Is the treatment cost lower because of the lower standard of medicine in India?

Absolutely not. The cost is lower due to favorable currency conversion rates and lower costs of operating in India.

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